Our Importers

We work with nationally respected importers who represent emerging wineries as well as brands that have been around for generations. 


Alain Junguenet Selection started in 1984 and the company continues to be a trusted imported and distributor of traditional French wines that offer an excellent sense of their terroir. Specialists of the Rhone Valley, especially Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the selection is always evolving with the ultimate goal of bringing new and exciting producers and regions to customer's tables and shelves.


H2Vino is a Chicago based importer and wholesale distributor of fine wines from around the world specializing in artisan wines, a number of which are biodynamic, sustainable, organic or organically farmed.

JD Headrick Selections & Indigo Wine

Metro Cellars represents offerings from Jon-David Headrick Selections and Indigo Wine. The heart of JD’s portfolio is from the Loire river valley and into Champagne. These wines are from the “chalk line” which produces wines of extraordinary purity, minerality, and soul. Indigo Wine is the next chapter of Eric Solomon Selections but it is not a new idea, it is a return to Eric’s roots in finding, championing and importing wines from places uncharted or by talent unrecognized.


Rooted Selections scours the earth from historic regions to the completely unknown searching for unique, delicious, hidden gems. They are a small company importing small handcrafted producers and that's exactly how we like it.


Schatzi Wines is an alternative importer and distributor, strengthening the connection between wine grower and wine drinker. Our producers have a clear voice in what is available in the US market; they have access to pricing as well as our customer base.


The passion for quality and value are an ever consuming desire that is at the core of Vine Street Imports.