About Metro Cellars

Is a collective of authentic people striving to build brands by facilitating connections between our suppliers and our customers.

Our Founders

Chris & MaryBeth Campbell founded Metro Cellars in 2010.

Chris Campbell

What’s a Metro Cellar?
We’re enthusiastic, dedicated people. We’ve experienced measured, organic growth. It’s a reflection of our ability to source exciting products that work for our customers. High pressure sales tactics aren’t necessary when you have confidence surrounding the products. It’s not incidental that a wine tastes, looks, or presents itself in a given way. We look for inspiration in quality, packaging, and production methodology. When we’re really lucky, we find all three.

It’s not what it seems
On the surface we’re a product company but if you peel back a layer, we’re logistics experts and service providers.

Our company is nimble and experienced in transporting wine quickly and efficiently. If a product is in our portfolio, customers can be confident that we’ll deliver.

Our sales expertise and product knowledge facilitates memorable connections between the brands that we represent and our markets. We enthusiastically share our newest “finds” through staff training, in-store consumer tastings, and regular buyer discussions.

Resounding Refreshments
Some of the culture surrounding wine can be very serious. This attitude doesn’t resonate with me. Metro Cellars’ portfolio is comprised of many labels and producers that see the lighter side of the industry. Wine is here to enhance life experiences. It is my goal to introduce people to something that resonates with them.

MaryBeth Campbell

We strive to be the best middle men (middle people?)
When you cut down to it, we connect producers and wine lovers by bringing global wines and their unique stories to glasses near us. Being in the middle provides many opportunities to be flexible and responsive which allows us to meet the needs of our partners. We engage in open and honest communication throughout the supply chain.

Bringing "business" to the wine world
My background is in law and government contracting; both are very competitive environments with high expectations. I learned about business from mentors whom I deeply respect.

The transition into wine was a culture shock; my PowerPoints were neither required nor desired! However, the skills I bring to the table offer valuable structure to an industry that is so dependent on logistical precision. As the primary investor in Metro Cellars, I ensure our decisions have business justification. PowerPoint for the win (wine?).

It’s that simple
I get satisfaction from running an efficient business which is based on integrity. Metro Cellars operates on values like candor and mutual respect amongst our vendors, customers and employees.